Models of Romanesque churches

Church of Santa Cecilia de Aguilar de Campoo.

Romanesque art.




This wooden model represents the church of Santa Cecilia that served as the parish of the Aguilar de Campoo neighborhood of the same name, whose origin is located on the hillside of the castle.

The Romanesque building sits on a ground of little stability, which caused, with the passage of time, the appearance of cracks and the inclination of the tower. In order to condition and consolidate the land, restoration works were carried out.

The most outstanding element of the church is its tower, unique in our Romanesque. Raising a tower would be an economic effort that the community often did not have, so they opted for a cheaper system, but just as effective, the belfry, which will become an icon of the Romanesque of Palencia.

The church of Santa Cecilia is known for housing one of the jewels of Romanesque iconography, the capital of the Massacre of the Innocents. In it we can see King Herod surrounded by the soldiers who, with chain mail, appear slaughtering the infants. Behind them we observe the faces of the mothers who are horrified at the scene they are witnessing, showing us that Romanesque is not an art without feelings.

If you get close to the model, you will be able to see that it opens and, with care, it is possible to see the interior of this interesting Romanesque church.

There are temples in the area, which coincide in name, but are completely different. If you approach the church and look at other models, you will find a building with the same name as the one you are looking at.

Models of Romanesque churchesModels of Romanesque churchesModels of Romanesque churchesModels of Romanesque churchesModels of Romanesque churchesModels of Romanesque churches
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