An open door to the Romanesque ...

The ROM Exhibition Center is located in the Monastery of Santa María la Real de Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia).

It opened its doors on July 5, 2006, after two years of intense work and in accordance with a new concept of showing Romanesque art to the general public.

The ROM wants to be, above all, an added value to that great resource that is the Romanesque art of our region, where monumental, natural and human heritage make up an inseparable unit.

In addition to understanding the Romanesque, the ROM also aims to make known the time, the lifestyle at that time and what has come down to us from that society.

Ultimately, our intention is that it serves as a window through which the visitor will access our roads, towns, churches, traditions, landscapes, gastronomy or people.

From ROM we want you to visit the Monastery of Santa Maria la Real and our Romanesque in a different way. For this we have designed different types of visits so that you can get to know us in the way that you like the most.

Our goal is that during the tour of our abbey, the visitor manages to achieve the premise of the triple E: Emotion, Entertainment and Education.


The monastery of Santa María la Real is a fascinating place, full of art and history. More than eight hundred years of existence have led to a multitude of important events, tragedies and interesting anecdotes. It would take a long time and many visits to get to know in depth everything that happened in this ancient abbey. As we don't usually have that much time, we have designed three tours so that you can get to know and enjoy the most emblematic and interesting places in this center.

The first of the routes, called historical-artistic, is the most traditional. It guides us through the fundamental events in the history of the building, showing us its main treasures. A second tour, the hidden face, focuses on the most enigmatic aspects of the monastery. Finally, the younger public will find in the third tour a fun way to discover the history of the center. Each tour consists of a series of information points equipped with audio, text and photos.

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