General introduction.

Romanesque - Gothic.




The cloister is located to the south of the temple. It is one of the best known spaces of a monastery. It is the central architectural element, around which the entire building is organized and which gives access to most of the rooms on the ground floor. From the cloister you can access almost all the rooms of the monastery such as the bedroom, which in medieval times was common for all monks, the church or the dining room. The characteristics of the cloister made it an exceptional place for the monks to walk around to meditate, the capitals used to be decorated with scenes that would help this function, or they would sit down to read. In its north wing and attached to the church, there was a bench near the armarium or library of the monastery, used by the monks in their rest.

From the cloister there is also access to the meeting room of the monks. We challenge you to find it and know its name. Here you have a clue, the ground preserves several tombs.

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