Chapel of Christ


XVII century.


North chapel of the church.


This majestic chapel was built in the middle of the seventeenth century, making the rectangular apse that finished off the north aisle disappear. The Premonstratensians built it to welcome the devotees who made pilgrimage to here to prostrate at the feet of the miracle-worker Cristo Yacente, an image guarded, since the Confiscation of Mendizábal, in the church of San Miguel Arcángel de Aguilar de Campoo.

Of the image of the Cristo Yacente it has been said: “It is made with such art, that it has movement in the body, head, arms and legs, and it is given to put it on the cross. His stature of a regular man, his face beautiful, serious, majestic or respectable. He does not represent him as dead, but with the countenance of a man sweetly asleep who is going to wake up ”.

It is interesting to highlight the Romanesque capital located in the entrance arch that gives access to the chapel from the nave of the church. It represents the scene of a knight among vegetable stems and birds. It is the only figurative capital preserved in the church.

Currently, this chapel has the function of an exhibition hall within the Rom Museum.

Chapel of ChristChapel of ChristChapel of ChristChapel of ChristChapel of ChristChapel of Christ
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