Stonemason marks

Medieval times.




The marks of stonemasons are the signatures that were carved in the worked stones, with the objective that each stonemason could mark his work and collect the agreed money for it. There are different types, from complex and more worked marks, to other simple and small ones. When identifying stonemason marks, we should not confuse them with the so-called placement marks, which indicated how the ashlar should be arranged on the site. If you look closely, you can see different marks of stonemasons with shapes of X, S, arrow or A. There are also larger crosses, which occupy almost all the ashlar, these epigraphs do not identify stonemasons, they are marks that indicate burials that may be, sometimes, behind the stone itself as an ossuary or corresponding to a lower tomb.

If these marks have been strange to you, in the monastery we have other signs of which we do not know their meaning. There are those who speak of sundials, calendars, signs of the prayers of the monks but never before have other similar brands been seen. To see them you must go to the stream of water that crosses the monastery, on the wall closest to the water you will find this circular mark. Take a good look, because it is very hidden.

Stonemason marksStonemason marksStonemason marksStonemason marksStonemason marksStonemason marks
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