13th and 14th centuries.


North nave of the church.


In the church we find different tombs, belonging to noble families, linked in some way with the monastery, and relevant abbots of the same. These characters chose important monasteries as their last resting place with the aim that the prayer for their souls would help them to get to heaven. For its part, the community received generous donations in the form of money or properties. On many occasions, a greater number of burials indicated a greater prestige of the abbey.

The tomb that presents a reclining sculpture with a falcon on its arm stands out. Corresponds to Sr. Pedro Díaz de Castañeda, Admiral of Castile in the time of King Sancho IV. It was carved, most likely, by Antón Pérez de Carrión, who also made that of his brother, Nuño Díaz de Castañeda. The tomb of his second wife, Inés Rodríguez de Villalobos, who was also in the church of this monastery. Currently, The Ines´s tomb is guarded in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid. An interesting aspect is to observe that almost all the tombs in the church appear without polychrome, but in the Middle Ages this was not the case, since the piece was not completed until it was completely painted. If we look closely, in the tomb of Pedro Díaz we can still see remains of paint. The same case occured for the walls of the churches, today we see them with the bare stone, but the usual thing is that they were whitewashed or painted.

As we pointed out, we observe how on Pedro's arm there is what appears to be a falcon or a falconry bird. It is a very common image in this type of tomb. The fundamental function of a knight was war. In times of peace they occupied their leisure time in hobbies such as falconry, which consisted of training raptors and hunting with them.

Another burial place for the nobility, within the monastery, was the chapter house. If you go there, you will find several decorated tombstones. One of them with the shield of one of the noble families of the area.

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