Offshore capitals

Historicist restoration.



Chapter house.


The capitals resting on the floor of the chapter house, although they may seem so, do not correspond to the original material of the building, but rather to the restoration and consolidation work of the monastery of the 60s, the first restoration of the monastery. This reform began in the mid-1950s, culminating at the end of the following decade. The architect in charge of the restoration was Anselmo Arenillas. The architectural criterion that followed during its restoration was the historicist. Its objective was to give the building its primitive medieval image. To achieve its objective, it carried out different interventions such as dismantling a choir located at the foot of the church or dismantling and reassembling the east gallery of the cloister. The goal of the restoration, in the late 1960s, was the installation of a Cistercian monastic congregation that never came.

The capitals were carved and placed in 1968 in the arcades of the cloister and removed during the restoration directed by José María Pérez "Peridis" in the 80s, within his idea of ​​restoration respectful of the history of the building, and the objective of no confusing the visitor, who he could think that these modern pieces had medieval origin.

They mostly represent acanthus leaves, although we can see characters, fantastic animals such as a dragon, clearly modern, and animals, they seem felines, intertwined with vegetable motifs.

Offshore capitalsOffshore capitals
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